I don't write music for the payday, if you could really call it that anyway. But I invest a lot of time, money, and energy into what I do. Because of that, part of me feels like there should be a minimum amount of compensation to own the album. I decided that with the release of Thirteen I would try selling the album with a minimum of $5, rather than simply offering it for free and letting the fans dictate what the price it is worth to them. I have been feeling that lately this isn't the ideal method of distributing my music.

I just finished watching a very inspirational TED Talks video by Amanda Palmer which talks about the art of asking and having trust and faith in your fans. Granted I don't have 25,000 fans, I would be exaggerating if I said I had more than 25, but that's not the point. I want to treat the people who follow me with respect, knowing they can and will contribute what they can afford. I also want to treat my art with respect, not giving it some minimum value. It's worth, like the music's stories, is abstract and not up to me to judge.

My licensed music will still remain behind a minimum contribution for other reasons, but everything I've independently released is and will be pay what you want, and that's the important thing.

You can find my entire music collection at abstractionmusic.com

I respect you guys, thank you for respecting me.

October 10th, 2013
Mikey Neumann's blog, which I frequent from time to time, had a 100 word story post which I was inspired to contribute based off True Events™ that happened back when I was much younger. It was harder than I expected to encapsulate the whole story and get emotion in there too!


Dad and I stopped at the flower garden. As we reveled in Summer, anxiety eroded me like acid. I know he`ll notice the small mound of dirt marking a reverent and tearful burial. I only meant to scare it, I lamented, plastic bottles and BB guns are only so fun. I again remembered the furry gray body tumbling off the branch. I looked at the ground with watery eyes; I felt like I swallowed a marble. I didn`t mean to, I didn`t mean--

``Marigolds smell great today``, Dad smiled, turning to me. A look of concern spread across his face.

OH EM GEE peeps. This is the biggest non-news-that's-actually-news-but-not-really ever: The Humble Bundle has teamed up with the monocle-twirling chaps at EA to bestow unto us the Humble Origin Bundle.

"This is horrible!" Shouts from the treetops of the Internet resound. "I'm betrayed and infuriated!" Denizens of social media froth and gnash at each other.

There's a heap of cognitive dissonance going on here that short-circuited my brain when I heard about this. This is due to the great dichotomy between the two partnering businesses:

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April 25th, 2013
Another appearance at Blick Art Materials! I'm always pleased to go there and rock out for two hours. I'm even happier that they brought me back so soon after the last event! I was experiencing some technical difficulties early on, though some of it was user error. :)

Thanks for coming out everyone! Here's the download link:

Download MP3 (2:19:53, 254mb)

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Whew! What a chilly evening. The temps hovered around 32 degrees this evening but there were still tons of hoopers out there! I'm flattered that I could be the guy playing the music for you all.

We had some technical issues regarding the size of my table. It held everything but my laptop, which I set on the floor. Wasn't the best setup, but I made it work. The mix is a little raw in that respect, but still I'm pleased with the song selection and how it all flowed together. Hope you dig it! Track list after the jump.

Download MP3 (55:10, 101mb)

Hope you guys enjoy! Please comment and share this page with your friends if you like the mix. I cannot express how important this is to me. I need more exposure out there and you should share awesome free stuff with your friends anyway.

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